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05.04.2010 - UHC Hamburg vs. Olton   5:1   |   German Champion qualified for final round

UHC Hamburg is qualified as first club for the final round of EHCCC. The team won the quarterfinal match against Olton & West Warwicks 5:1 (3:1)


04.04.2010 - Madrid vs. Berlin   3:1   |   Club de Campo 1st in Pool C

The last match of round 1 Club de Campo from Spain wins against the team of BHC by 3:1 (2:0) goals. - In round 2 on monday Madrid has to play against Atasport and Berlin vs. Hertogenbosch.


04.04.2010 - UHC Hamburg vs. Barcelona   3:2   |   UHC winner of Pool B

On 3rd day UHC Hamburg wins his second match with 3:2 (2:0) and takes the 1st place in Pool B of 1st round. Polo de Barcelona becomes second. - Both teams have to play against Amsterdam or Olton (Pool A) in round 2 on monday.


03.04.2010 - Madrid vs. Sumchanka   2:0   |   Madrid & BHC in Round 2

After Club de Campo winning 2:0 against Sumchanka (UKR) the spain team is qualified for round 2. Also in round 2: The ladies from Berlin Hockey Club cause of their success vs. Sumchanka on day 1.


03.04.2010 - Amsterdam vs. Volga Telekom   8:0

The strong team from holland defeats Volga Telekom 8:0- After that impressive appearance Amsterdam enters round 2 and will be one of the favoured teams to get into final round.


03.04.2010 - UHC vs. Grove  1:0   |   One game, one goal to quarterfinal

Today the team of the UHC Hamburg started into tournament. One goal by Lisa Hahn was enough to beat Bonagrass Grove. Because the scottish team lost the first game against Barcelona it is fact, that the German Champion and Polo enters round 2 of EHCCC.


01.04.2010 - BHC vs. Sumchanka  5:0   |   Berlin starts with superior game

EHCCC round 1 & 2 hosting club BHC won the first match against Sumchanka (Ukraine) 5:0. After that success Berlin seems to be seeded for quarterfinal qualification on monday.


EHCCC Live-Ticker

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